Fifty + Fifty = One Hundred

February 11, 2016

Hey Little Ladies!

So as we all know ( even those of us who are dreading the day) Valentine's Day is fastly approaching. Now, this 'special day' will and always has gotten mixed reviews from women all around the world. Some think it's a scheme just to make money, some think it's a day to torture those who are single and other love it because they get to be showered in gifts. This article was one that I could have written from many different perspectives.  Nonetheless,  I chose to write about it from the perspective of my 50/50 theory.

I don't know if it has to do with me being a Libra and needing balance in my life but, from as far back as I could remember I've always believed that the effort in a relationship should be equal. That way both partners should feel satisfied with their level of giving and receiving. Now what I am about to say may sound like I'm on guys' team but I think it's only fair that a little lady treats her man as she wants to be treated.

Valentine's Day's main target is obviously couples, however, even more so the women. Thus, as women we expect to be showered with chocolates, flowers, teddy bears dinners and/or jewelry from our 'sweeties'. But, little lady did you ever stop to think that maybe your 'boopsy' would like some of those things as well? ( Maybe not the flowers but you get what I'm saying.) As little ladies we should understand the importance of treating others as we would like to be treated. What's more sweeter than treating 'bae' to all the things you would like on 'love day' as well? Thus, I encourage each and everyone of you ladies to show your current partner, your future partner or simply a crush some extra love on International Love Day.

You all know I wasn't going to leave just like that. Now, I know this concept may be foreign for some of you but go into it with an open mind ( as we should with everything). For those of you ladies who may already share my view on the 50/50 approach planning for February 14th should be a breeze. Nonetheless, you know I've you all covered just in case you may experience a case of 'lover's block'. Because this is a special occasion I got some help from the 'outside'. I asked a few males (about 85) what they would like for a woman to get them for V-Day. I was overwhelmed with how cooperative and eager they were to assist in my survey. I sent them this short message:


Trust me little ladies, I was blown away from the responses I received. It simply solidified my 50/50 theory. Ultimately our men want the same thing we do in a relationship; specifically on Valentine's Day. Ok, enough of my talking here's what our men said they would want for Valentine's Day:

  1. Food- it seems that the saying "the way to a man's heart is through its stomach" still remains true to date. Most of our men, ladies really would like to be treated to dinner. It seems that they would prefer if we actually cooked it but  they would not pass on a nice restaurant /dinner. They also would like sweets; whether its his favorite cake or chocolates.
  2. Technology- most men are tech savvy right? So this answer made sense to me. A lot of them wanted techy stuff like a laptop or a camera, cell phone or video games.
  3. Clothes & Shoes- I guess our men really trust us to shop for us because a big chunk of them said they would want clothing and or shoes. In terms of clothing it ranged from shirts to suits and for shoes they wanted either tennis shoes ( not too expensive though) & dress shoes.
  4. Jewelry- I was stunned at the vast amount of men who wanted simply jewelry for a gift. Most of them stated they would like a ring, neck/hand chain and most popular of them all; a watch. Ladies, a watch may be the go to gift for this year's love day. ( You never know).
  5. Travel- a few men stated that they would love your their 'woman' to surprise them with a getaway trip. It could be to another country or simply a hotel in the same area. As long as it was thought of with love and you two get to spend some alone time away from everyone else.
  6. Pampering & Sentimental Gifts- this one just blew me out of the water. It changed my perspective completely on men and love. Little ladies, believe it or not almost all of our men wanted something sentimental for Valentine's Day inclusive of those who claimed not to want anything at all.  Some said that they would like personal massages, cards stating your love for them and something that fit the relationship perfectly.

I thanked each and everyone of them for their feedback letting them know it was greatly appreciated. After that it simply warmed my heart to know that males care for the same things we do. Although the survey was specifically related to V-Day it still speaks volumes as to what men want in a relationship. They want the same love we do, they want the same affection we do, they want the same attention we do. So why not give it to them just how they give it to us? If you are already doing this then keep it up girl, if not then why not try it and what a better day to do so then "World Love Day"?

Once you put in your 50% and add it to his 50 % the only sum we can get is 100% love.


A little lady who says Love & Relationships should always be 50/50.

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