A Likkle higher

February 21, 2017

In college I had this one professor who always told us to "come up a likkle higher". I would always laugh not mainly because her accent was funny but because I really thought she was just  trying to be amusing. What I didn't get at that moment and didn't get until I started writing just now, was that was she the poster child for elevation and wanted us to be as well. She was trying to get us to elevate ourselves in class and moreover in life.

Well ladies, I'm happy to say I finally took Señora Taylor's advice and I've made up my mind to elevate myself while I go through this thing called womanhood.

I'm a little prideful but I'm putting it all aside and begging you to "come up a likkle higher" with me too. Pretty please!

There's no way that we should stay one place on one level all our life. Like really? Girl what are you living for ? Elevation is the first E in the H.E.E.L.S  series and I promise it'll help us move a little smoother and live a little easier in 2017.

Elevating isn't complicated  you know, all it is is raising or lifting to a higher position. It's literally just like when you put on a pair of your favorite heels. The minute you step into them everything changes; your posture, your stance and your demeanor. You feel sexy, womanly like you could take anything and anyone on! Or maybe that's just me?  Anyway it changes the way you walk so let elevation do the same in your life.

I was thinking long and hard on three areas where elevation would impact our  everyday life and I came up with these:

1. Love

To be honest, I've never been taught how to love. Has anyone really ever ? We observe , take note and do what we see. What if what we are observing the wrong people or the wrong situations? When I say elevate I mean go deeper and really love. Let go of the play play relationships and focus on really connecting with someone on another level. I am POSITIVE it will change your life.

2. Career

I don't see myself in the same position or even career that I am in today 5 years from now. But that's because I don't see where it makes sense to stay in one spot especially professionally. Ladies, the world out there is too competitive for us not to elevate ourselves to make sure we get a spot on the top too. I'm not saying you have to go and get this Doctorates degree (although DR. BURROWS does sound a little sweet), it can be as simple as a short development course. Trust me take it from someone who is always looking for another way to improve myself and take my career to the next level.

3. Spirit

Seriously, I don't know how people function without having their spirit in tune. I need my spirit to be together before I can start my day. Elevating spiritually is probably one of the best ways a woman can change her life. Falling in love with yourself or your significant other is fine. But when you fall in love with the one who created you, trust me his only plans for you is to take you 'a likkle higher'. When you elevate spiritually, you focus more on what he wants you to do. You focus more on fulfilling his purpose for your life  and not your wants. Elevating spiritually just means you are intentional with your relationship with God and are in tune with his calling on your life.

Ms. Taylor is probably still telling her students to come up a likkle higher and she probably won't ever stop. I appreciate her encouragement. I appreciate her pouring out those words of encouragement. It would be a crying shame if I never shared it with you all who I love so much. I'm low key competitive but people don't even know. Well I guess y'all do now. But anyway, so I don't like to be left behind. I make advancememts and improvements where and when I can. You really think I'm gonna leave y'all behind ? NOPE! Even if I have to drag you by your H.E.E.L.S you're coming with me because we have to come up a likkle higher!


The Little Lady who is using her heels to elevate.

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