A suitcase; the best accessory yet!

May 23, 2016
Hey Little Ladies, It's official!! Summer is almost here. The countdown is on and we ONLY have about a month left until the 21st of June and the 'sunny szn' will be upon us. The two words SUMMER  & TRAVEL are just synonymous so we know that traveling will be at the utmost high in a few weeks. So, because summer is right around the corner as Little Ladies we must always be prepared. This means you have a couple more days to finish loading that summer body and until you can get a break to.... ( drum-roll please) TRAVEL!!! When you get ready for a trip, almost all of your effort is focused on the purpose of the trip. That's why its way more fun to pack for a trip than it is to unpack afterward. Overwhelmed by school or work? TAKE A TRIP! Tired of waking up seeing the same town? BUY THAT TICKET! Want to celebrate a big milestone, accomplishment, birthday or anniversary? PACK YOUR BAGS!   Personally, I love to travel! Actually, I just came back from a fun filled trip where I rekindled my childhood memories ( that's another story for another time). I also have about three more trips lined up for the rest of 2016. So, it is quite evident that I take summertime and traveling very very seriously. Traveling is way more than just hopping on a plane and going. In order for a trip to be successful lots of planning and money must go into it. But the one thing we forget that is just as crucial as the plane ticket and hotel reservations is our suitcase! As, I said before I love to travel but I dislike packing! I don't know if it's the fact that I have to pick out numerous outfits at once or the fact that I have to neatly fold them. Whatever the reason is I was determined to get over my strong dislike for packing because I travel a lot. So I went searching and I found some great packing info-graphics, tips and apps that make packing a lot more easier. A lady's suitcase when traveling is a direct reflection of her. It is the one accessory that stands out the most and could be the best and most useful one she owns. Your suitcase doesn't have to be expensive or drop dead gorgeous but it should be exactly what you need for exactly what you need. Below you will see a picture that will help us as little ladies choose the right size suitcase for the right trip:


Now that we've chosen our the size we now need to choose what to put in it. I always over pack. I mean ALWAYS over pack! I honestly don't ever want to be in the position where I run out of clothes or don't have enough options to choose from. That is another traveling 'no-no' I had to overcome and these info-graphics helped me so much:


After following these suggestions, I can say that my last trip I went on I did NOT over pack (well in my eyes, other may disagree) and it really paid off when it was time to pack ALL of my purchases during the trip. There are so much more tips on packing that other ladies and bloggers have been kind enough to share with those who just love to travel.  Ladies, you can take a look at my slide show below and see a few other suggestions on how to fold your clothes when packing and what all you should pack.

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