All You Have is Your Name

January 21, 2016

Hey Little Ladies!!!

Have you ever had someone say something about you that you knew was the furthest thing from the truth. It didn't even sound like something you would do, say or think! Well I've experienced this defamation of character more than I am proud to say. There's a Bahamian saying that goes "Dog don't bark at parked car". This idiom is one of the realest I have ever heard! People honestly do not take a second look at someone who isn't moving forward in life. As Little Ladies that's the only way we know how to live by improving little by little and day by day.

I honestly detest the word "haters" but sometimes these persons come around and try to tarnish your reputation as a young woman. As if it isn't already a struggle for us to keep a good one in today's judgmental society. So this post today is for all the Little Ladies who have ever heard anything false said about them or anyone who tried to attack their character.

Y'all know I ♥ to give tips; I think they are easy to go back to when end up in situations as such. So here's a few tips on how to hold your own when someone tries to take all you have; your name:

1. Remember who you are - if you know yourself and you know the accusations are not of your character then don't even break a sweat on your pretty little face.

2.Realize that you're important - if people have time to make you a topic in their daily discussions, guess what? Girl "you is important", "you is special". Obviously you are important enough to be a subject matter. Continue being a lady!  Soon they won't be able to make up anymore lies and will have to talk about you for who you really are.

3. Note that the person who is trying to pull you down is already lower than you - Those who pleasure of from bringing others down are those who really need this encouragement. As Little Ladies, instead of being angry at the person we should sympathize with them and if your heart desires go ahead and help them. If not , then at least make a conscious effort to never let them bring you that low.

4.The truth will always come to the light - somewhere somehow all that was said to hurt your character will be outshone by the truth. Eventually, someone will realize that what was said wasn't even true. Lies may spread quick but the truth cannot be covered for long. Little Ladies relish in the fact that your true character won't be outshone by the rumors and the false whispers.

I could honestly go on & on about how to "block your haters" but this post isn't even about that. It's to keep us cognizant as Little Ladies that being a lady isn't easy. Others who don't understand our journey will bring up our past, will try to ruin our name and will try to stop us from flourishing. Some may see our journey as thinking we're on a pedestal looking down at them but if they were on our level that wouldn't be possible.

Remember Little Ladies people will always question the good things they hear about you, but believe all the bad things without a second thought.


A little lady who knows her name is all she's got👸

4 Responses to All You Have is Your Name

  • Awesome! I could relate to this wholeheartedly thank you for sharing your thoughts and positivity with us Little Lady!! Love you!

  • Thanks for the tips! Usually when someone tries to deform my character my first response is to lash out; not because what they’re saying is true, but because like you said “your name is all you have”. Sucks that people would try to break and destroy something we take our whole lives to build and maintain. I’ll definitely try to apply your tips to my life. ❤

    • The Little Lady

      Hi Kristy! Trust me I know its difficult and with time it will become easier. Some people simply don’t understand what their words say or can do to others. But I encourage you to keep yo0ur head held high and let no one make you drop it.

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