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November 15, 2016

Hey ladies,

Have you ever wondered why we go through daylight savings ? I have and still do ! Every time I have to set my clock ahead or back I'm always trying to figure out what sense does this make?

Why can't we just keep the same time all year round. Who made this up? This is stupid.

But then I stopped and thought about it all, the purpose daylight savings and how it affects my life positively. So I guess we have the person who thought of this system to thank for this post.

When time first "changed" ( as we say in The Bahamas), we lost an hour. All I could think of is that I LOST an hour of sleep. Spring forward didn't spring anything up in me except for irritation and exhaustion at first. But then I applied the phrase "spring forward" to my daily living and voila! We had this post: Fall Back; Spring Forward. I really focused on growth, rejuvenation and new beginnings. This is typically what the Spring season brings but this post is exactly the opposite.  In the fall, unlike the spring, we "fall back". This was the only thing I liked about daylight savings because I could FINALLY get back that hour I lost in the spring. Although it got dark way faster I didn't mind at all. Honestly, we can learn so much from this phenomena 'daylight savings' and apply it to everyday life. If I had  time I'd share so many lessons we could learn from nature, but maybe I'll leave the for another post ( hmmm writes down idea).

I won't go into the history and origin of daylight savings as that is not the focus of this post. I really wanted to help us as ladies find the positive ways in this timing system other than more sleep. The year is almost over and we will soon approach the season where we  make our lists and plans for the new year. But how can we look forward to new things when we haven't finished those we said we would this year? This is where we can take some notes from daylight savings and FALL BACK. Think back on this year. What have you done in 2016? What haven't you done in 2016? What do you still want to do in 2016? Ladies, it's not too late to finish off that 'list' before making a new one. I know 2016 has been a long year and I too wish

we could pour some coconut oil on it and say Lord fix it!

But, the reality is we can't. The reality is we have 46 days to end 2016 with a bang! I've never thought like this before which shows a shift in my thinking. I always thought 'well the year is almost over I'll wait to start fresh in the new year'. But honestly, that's just an excuse to be lazy and we don't have time for that. I decided that 2016 was not going to leave me broke, busted nor disgusted. I would love if we all could end  the year on an amazing note so here's what I plan to do and maybe you can do it too:

  1. Revisit my 'list'- yes, I'm going to dig up that paper or note in my phone that I  wrote 10 months ago and look at it again. This is such a  great way to see how ambitious we were or how low of a desire we had to succeed. We can also look and reminiscence on why we decided to write down "grow hair 10 inches" when we know on average it usually only grows 6 inches. This is the perfect opportunity to think on why you only wanted to volunteer 10 hours to a non-profit organization when you ended up giving 35. Revisiting the list isn't to discourage you and show you what all you haven't done but to show you what all is left to be done.
  2. Pick the easiest things to do- when looking over your list, don't go straight for the hardest and biggest task. Trust me you will get discouraged and you will give up. Unless, you have some serious stamina and are super amped up; it won't work. At work, I alwaysss have a million and three things to do. If I was to think about it I would pull my hair out. But I use the tactic of singling out some of the easy tasks before taking on the hard ones. This boosts my confidence and makes me feel like I'm actually completing stuff; no matter how small they may really be. Apply this same tactic to your list. If you said you were going to add some color to your wardrobe and loose 14.2 lbs. I'd say opt for the first one. It's easy to go in the store on-line and pick out a few pieces before the year is out than to try to kill yourself on crash diets and extreme workouts. Work smart not hard, little lady. The more easy things you can cross off your list before December 31st arrives the better.
  3. Celebrate when I'm done- Just a few weeks ago I was given a prophecy where God wanted me to celebrate myself. I thought this was weird because I didn't want to be boastful, vain or prideful. But it wasn't until recently that I understood what he meant. Ladies, we live in a society where we are constantly trying to achieve the next goal and when we do we rarely ever stop thank God and celebrate our accomplishments. Society has molded our minds to think that whatever we do is inadequate and we can do more because someone else is doing more. This goes directly against our upbringing. When we were babies and toddlers, any little thing we did we were praised and celebrated. From as simple as standing on our two feet to feeding ourselves. Why has it stopped? Why do we no longer celebrate our small victories? Well that stops here! Every accomplishment, every achievement, every thing you have to celebrate when you're done. So when you finally finish beginner's French or learn how to change your own tire you should celebrate. The way you celebrate is up to you.

Now, that I think about it daylight savings isn't such a bad idea. It helps us to spring forward and starts new things but it also helps us to fall back and finish those things. Springing forward and falling back then equates to a balanced life. Think of a see-saw  ( yep I said it). In order for this popular playground equipment to work you must lean forward and lean backwards and at the end when you're done playing it levels off and is a perfect 180 degrees. I may sound a little crazy but there is a lot we could learn from that see-saw.  Ladies, as the end of 2016 comes near, as we reflect on all the good, bad and sad times; remember save your energy, spring forward and fall backward. Trust me it will save you time and daylight.


The Little Lady just trying to be like a see-saw.


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