Build her up workshop

November 30, 2016

Do you know how much strength and energy it takes to tear something down? How much energy it takes to break something up, destroy it, demolish it? First you have to make up your mind to destroy this object, then you have to find tactics and ways to do so without hurting yourself as well.

Additionally, you have to find the strength and time to dedicate until it is completely destroyed, basically non-existent. So really, do you want to go through all of that? If I stuck with physics class in high school long enough I'm sure I would be able to conjure up an equation  for all the work it takes to tear something down. But hey, I'll still try it out. If I could it would look like this:

3xkd3 + dji88 - 3kvi x 555h / dkdk33 = TOO MUCH WORK !!

Imagine how much easier it is to build and help grow and nourish? It requires minimal energy and absolutely no complicated equations. When you continuously build someone up it becomes so much easier. Just as it takes less muscles to smile than to frown; I truly believe that building someone up requires way less work that tearing them down. If I could once again make an equation for building someone up it would be as simple as :

1+1= 5 ( I joke its 2)

But you see how easy it is to figure out how to build someone up more than break them down. Similarly, in this world of womanhood the same principles can be applied. It is so easy for us as  women to get caught up in gossiping and badmouthing each other. No one likes it, no one wants it done to them so why do it? I think of all women as sisters. Now I could have easily cited the OXFORD dictionary's definition (which I strongly dislike doing) but when I truly think of sisters I think

an unbreakable bond that is to be cherished and revered above all. 

As women, most of us go through the same struggles, same joys, same hurts so some way somehow we should understand each other. We shouldn't even feel the urge to add to that hurt or another struggle to the list. Would you truly bad mouth your  OWN sister? Would you truly talk behind her back? Would you truly wish her demise? I truly doubt it!


Tearing- Divides

Lifting- Unites

Tearing- Makes enemies

                               Lifting- Makes friends

Tearing- Grows hate

Lifting- Spreads love

What causes you to bad mouth someone? What sweeps in your soul that makes you feel that you should talk bad about another person? Could it be that you're jealous? Could be that you are insecure ? Could it possibly be due to absolute boredom? Could it be all of the above?  Yes sometimes as women we get jealous. I'm not saying that insecurity doesn't creep up on us neither. There are certainly days when we can be bored out of our minds. But none of these should be reasons to justify tearing a woman down. I would love to and I have to elaborate on those three points but in a future post because if I do this post would turn into a novel.

However , ladies all path lead back to one main road. This street is called lift her lane and it is directly blocks off tear her down alley. As women, we already know how it feels to live in a anti-feminist, misogynistic and chauvinistic world. This world where to be a woman is seen as a disadvantage, a curse and even a crime. We truly only have each other to build up and keep up. We have to fix each other's crown when it tilts or falls off.  But how can we do that if we are the ones knocking them down ?


The Little Lady who  doesn't have the energy to tear.



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