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December 22, 2016

Have you ever heard the saying ...  "All good things comes to an end"? I don't understand that saying AT ALL . Like if it's good why is it ending ? It just doesn't make sense to me . If it's good it's suppose to last forever ! No? Maybe my brain didn't work that way and I can't come to grips with that particular saying. But I know for sure that all has to end. The Bible tells us that in revelations which literally means the end . Therefore ladies as 2016 comes to an end and will only be a distant memory like all the years gone I want us to ask one question. What have I done ?
I tried to capture as much memories  this year by  recording events that were highlights of my 2016. Facebook even tried to help me with it but they couldn't capture it all. We usually end the year thinking of what we are gong to do next year without knowing if we will even make it to 2017. Instead of focusing on your "new year  resolutions" and the year hasn't even finished, why not focus on all you've done whether good or bad, for his glory or for your glory. Take these last few days in 2016 to reflect. Make sure that you are satisfied with the person you are leaving in 2016.

If you were to watch a movie about your life in 2016 what would it be called ? Mines would be the "Year of the Firsts " simply because I had a lot of firsts this year. First time being a keynote speaker, first time hosting my own event , first time speaking on an international level at a conference with over 20,000 persons. First time scuba diving, first time interpreting at an international language conference. I'm sure you catch my point , I had a lot of firsts. Just like a movie I had my lead actors, my climax and the end is near. I can't say that I was the movie producer (have to give God that title because he was working them cameras, lights and script) but I can say that I would want to watch my movie over and over. Can you say the same ? Can you look back at 2016 and truly say that you would do it all over again? Maybe 12 months is too long to look back over and try to remember so I'll help you with the final take on your movie:

1. First we need a title- no one really wants to watch anything without a title. It guides and give the year a theme. Even if the title isn't a good one it helps you to look forward to making 2017 have a slamming one.
2. Then think of all your cast members- there was some leading actors in your movie and some special guest appearances but nonetheless they help make and complete the movie. Think about thanking them for being apart of your year. Even if they brought you drama and hurt, you are going to leave 2016 having learnt a valuable lesson from them.
3. Ponder on if it was a comedy, romance, drama, action or a thriller. Maybe each month it was a different one. Maybe the beginning was action packed and the latter part ended as a tragedy. You'll only be able to give your movie a genre if you were aware of all that happened and just didn't float through the year. If you did it's ok let's just work on making 2017 more intentional.
4. Watch, enjoy and then edit- don't try do it the other way around. You'll  end up feeling overwhelmed and pitiful if you try to fix the scenes or fire cast members at this point. All you can do it pop some popcorn and relax while you watch it play out until the year is over. Enjoy all the screams and laughs. Enjoy all the tears and pain. Because you'll have another 365 frames to edit next year when you start the sequel.

I never like good things to end. Why can't they go on forever and ever and ever and ever? Why can't bad things come to and end and let good be good. These are #QTNA. But until they can be answered it will all come to an end. Don't let 2017 catch you slipping and your movie is still not in a theater near you....

              Signed ,

The Little Lady whose movie was sold out in the box office

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