Leave me satisfied

When was the last time you felt satisfied?

Was it after a nice episode of your favorite Netflix show?

Or maybe after stuffing your face with you favorite meal? (i.e barbeque chicken).

Or was it simply from knowing that you were a woman and whether anyone believes it or not, that is satisfying enough?

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It took me a while before a desire built up for me to want to wear heels. When I was smaller I didn't quite understand how my mommy walked on such a skinny 'stick'. Don't even dare ask me about when she ran. I thought she was  Superwoman and started to wonder if maybe she could even fly. I thought her abilities were limitless like she could do everything and anything. When I did receive my first pair of high heels ( not the ones you wore to church as a little girl with your frilly socks) I realized that I too could walk in them just as good as my mommy and even run. ONLY WHEN NECESSARY! The strange thing was no one taught me how to walk in them. No one taught me how step or tip. Once I mastered walking in them without falling flat on my face, it was then that I realized that by being a woman I innately had the ability to live a life that was limitless.

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Part of speech (yours)
Origin (womanhood)
Definition (what every woman should strive for)

For years upon years and I mean yearsssssss we as women have been the inferior race. Sad to say our men have been oblivious and ignorant Continue reading

In college I had this one professor who always told us to "come up a likkle higher". I would always laugh not mainly because her accent was funny but because I really thought she was just  trying to be Continue reading

I don't know if it's just me

Well you have to let me know if you feel the same

I can't stand DRAMA! It literally drains me and truly just don't have time for it. But weird enough women thrive Continue reading

Please STOP!

You can't keep thinking like this!

It's really not what you think it is!

Happy New Year ladies! Its 2017 and its the year of more for Little Lady's Diary. More relating to each other, more sharing of Continue reading

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