Everyone won’t like you!

August 11, 2016

Hey little ladies,

Can I share a secret with you? Pretty please? Perfect! So the secret is ... a lot of people won't understand you, love you, like you or even be happy for you but that DOESN'T mean you must stop being you! Have you ever seen someone and the fake is literally just dripping off of them? Have you ever met someone who was being so disingenuous that you couldn't even stand to talk to them? Trust me, I have met a lot more than I would've liked too. But, this is why I had to write this post. As women, it is so important for us to know who we are. Not only know but EMBRACE it as well. It seems that when we actually embrace who we are and become comfortable with ourselves is when we began to be disliked. Could it be that society wants us as women to stay lost and molded by the latest trend or hottest topic of the day, month or year? I beg your pardon?! That's not what womanhood is all about. Womanhood is about being uniquely you and NOT apologizing it for it. How many times have we seen 'memes' or heard persons say things like :
  • "BeYOUtiful!"
  • "Find YOUr unique voice"
  • "BElieve in YOUrself"
and the list could go on and on. But, we all are saying the same thing. We are all are trying to get the same message out there. As women, the nature to communicate and connect with other is innate and it sometimes it shocking that somewhere out there someone could not like us. ( Well it does for me). But we HAVE TO remember that we can't be everything to everyone. Once we accept that we will be well on our way in this journey we call womanhood. P.S.  Everyone won't like you & that's just ok!


The Little Lady who is being herself and letting the world adjust.

2 Responses to Everyone won’t like you!

  • Very true…we dim our lights to allow others to be comfortable…I love this post and it inspires me to keep my light on full blast, I can be only who I was purposed to be.

    • The Little Lady

      Soror, I certainly agree with you. We have to realize that at the end of the day loving yourself is one if the key ingredients to a happy life . Thank you so much for you feedback on the post 🙂 #skeewee

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