Fall backward; Spring forward!

March 22, 2016

Hey little ladies!

Happy Spring to all of you! Spring is a season of new beginnings and rebirth. The spring season relishes in youth, growth and rejuvenation. I think this post and the new season is so timely for me. What better time for some revitalizing and renewing than now? Spring is the perfect time to start over, shake off all that winter blues and step into a new season ( literally). Even before spring began I've been a real journey of self-improvement and inspiration but now I made a vow to bring you all along on the ride.

I realized I have a lot of devotional apps that my sister Alaina and I use ( A Sprinkle of Jesus, Saved in the City, e.t.c)  and they are always sending us lovely inspirational quotes but I haven't been sharing them. So, I decided to do a post to uplift us in times when we feel low. I know for me, sometimes I need a little pick me up. This may be one of my shortest posts because it's really gonna consists of pictures you can save with some of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite apps. You can download and save these pictures for days when you need them. I love motivational pictures as such because you can make them your backgrounds and wallpapers, put them as your cover photo or Facebook or even print them out and stick them up at home or work whatever you need to do to continuously encourage yourself do so. You can check them out in full screen (FS) in the slideshow below:

In the world we live in today a lot of young women would rather bash and ridicule rather than build and encourage each other. It takes real strength to lift someone to lift someone higher than you and to pull them up after they have fallen down. Remember no matter where we may reside in the journey of womanhood, I know it's not easy but if we all stick together we can make it. So, as we enter this new season full of blossoming flowers, sunshine and chirping birds let's use this time to find out where we are, who we are and move toward where we are going as little ladies.

P.S: If you want to know the name of the apps I use for daily inspiration and for the motivational pictures just sent me a quick message at info@littleladydiary.com and 'I'll hook you up.



The Little Lady who is about to Spring Forward! 

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