Good bye sweaters hello sleeveless!

June 28, 2016

Hey Little Ladies,

As I would have mentioned in the previous post that this month I was going to specify where we as little ladies can use etiquette in our everyday life. Because it's the best time of the year; Summer it is most fitting to focus on summer etiquette. When we hear etiquette we usually associate it with behavior which means the way we eat, sit and speak but it's not only that. As society evolves so does its concepts and etiquette is not exempted. Etiquette can now include the way we dress, because the first thing anyone sees about a lady is what she has on. To be honest I think your clothing is the first thing that classifies you as a lady and then the rest follows.


Therefore this post is dedicated to finding that perfect mix between being cool for the summer but not showing all that was given to you by your mother. Trust me I know it's hard to not throw on the shortest pair of pants in this heat specifically in The Bahamas but as I always say being a lady isn't easy and this is one of the harder parts. I constantly struggle with this part of etiquette as I simply adore shorts and summer dresses. It took a while for me to find a middle that satisfies my beliefs along with my body's temperature.  This post will hopefully help you find that medium as well as aim to take etiquette with you during this summer season.

As you should expect, I whipped up some tips so that  we can dress for success in these warm warm summer months:

  1. When in doubt don't: If you ever have to ask yourself if something is too short or too tight this summer then thats means you have a doubt and in that case DON'T wear it. If you do wear it you will only feel uncomfortable and inappropriate the entire time. A lady's clothing should make her feel good about herself and her body not ashamed. Don't wear something this summer that would compromise it all.
  2. Strike a balance: Balance is key in keeping cool this summer but also maintaining our lady-like standards. Now you may ask how do I balance the two but it is pretty simple. There may be a name for this rule but I don't recall so let's call it the 'switchup'. Now the 'switchup' is easy to achieve because all you have to do is ....switch it up. This means if you have on a short pants then wear a shirt with sleeves and if you have on a short summer dress ensure it has straps. This technique balances the amount of skin you have out at one time while still allowing you to feel any cool breeze that may blow.
  3. Be polished: Now this applies in every season not only  summer. No matter what you wear being polished confirms that etiquette is present. Just because its summer is not an excuse to be not be 'on point' at all times. Because you never know when someone is watching you and when you're a little lady that's basically all the time.

Summer has arrived and it did not come to play with us. Which means the heat is real. No one wants to melt in the heat with layers and layers of clothing but we also don't our clothing to melt off  because of the heat. Luckily, as a little lady we can enjoy the warmth of the summer without leaving our etiquette at home. In honor of a great summer to come we say, "Goodbye sweaters, hello sleeveless"!!!



who will be dressing for the summer with etiquette in mind.

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