Guard it accordingly!

September 27, 2016

Hey Little Ladies,

Have you'll ever heard of the word happiness? Yip happiness. It's a simple word but yet it holds so much power. Its something that should be valued and protected but yet we let so much steal it away from us. Stop what you're doing right now and think of something that you truly cherish, something that you would guard with your life. The same way you handle that item you should do the same with your happiness.

Most if not all of the time we take things for granted. It's not until we no longer have it that we truly miss it or wish we had it. We can't treat happiness the same way. For me, happiness is probably one of the most desired feelings I've had. Maybe you don't use the word happiness, maybe you prefer to call it joy, euphoria or bliss. Nonetheless, we can't leave it out there for anyone and anything to affect. I remember when I used to let everything affect the way I felt. It was actually quite recent ( like a week or two ago lol) But, I got so tired of letting what was happening around me affect me until I decided that it had to stop. The thing is I used to be cold-hearted for quite a while and I built a wall to block out everything and everyone. But, I didn't like that person I had become. I like being in touch with my emotions and taking in my surroundings but there has to be a limit. LADIES, when you let external happenings alter and mess up your mood that means you don't have control over it. Having control is one of the hardest habits I had to acquire in my entire lifetime. I struggled with this for years but I had to realize that I ultimately have the power to control what affects me. Since I found the power, let me tell you life has been so sweet.

Most of the time we don't recognize how letting things steal your happiness from you affects you. From a personal standpoint letting all that was going on around me affect me caused me to change in two ways:

  • mentally-I was never able to keep a consistent mood. If something went wrong that morning it would throw my entire mood off.  This meant I wasn't able to focus on any other task fully because it was like a rat race in my mind. Thoughts everywhere trying to figure out why I felt the way I did. Trying to figure out how to fix something I more than likely had no control over or ability to fix. This was so draining because I could never just let things be and it made me tired mentally.
  • physically- I am now certain that your mind directly affects your body because I began to be physically tired as a result of letting everything bother me, get me upset or ruin my mood.  I recall moments being so physically drained not wanting to get out of bed to face the day filled with possibilities of taking my happiness away.

After all of that, I decided that enough was enough. I wanted to be happy, I needed to experience euphoria. I longed for that moment of bliss. So I took control and I took that power and made it happen. Now, I'm not telling you its easy and trust me I'm tested every SINGLE day but there has been steady progress and with a long road ahead. But I'm in it for the long run. Hope you can join me, because the quality of your happiness depends on how well you guard it.



The Little Lady

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