Happiness Happens

September 2, 2015

Doesn't it feel good to be happy? I am sure there is no woman in the world who would not like to be happy all of the time. HOWEVER, that doesnt always happen and I know it can be frustrating when its all you really want. But I have a secret I would like to share with you.


Yep, it may seem hard but we are the ones who control our happiness. I think that we fail to be happy when we put the key in someone or something else's possesion. Girl, Imma need you to take that key back and guard it with your all.

As I said before you can be happy whenever you want to and that are many ways to achieve this happiness. I recently came across a movement brought to my attention by my Honor Society - Sigma Alpha Pi. Apparently ladies, August is HAPPINESS

HAPPENS MONTH. During the month of August the Secret Society of Happiness urges us to celebrate happiness. There is a challenge going on this month that I am going to join ( and I think you should as well). Each day there will be a new challenge to complete that will make you and sometimes others smile. You can take a look at the calendar with the picture and link provided and get started whenever ever you want to. They also urge you to share the challenge with your family and friends. I urge you to leave comments on my page about how the challenge is going. I truly believe this challenge will help all of us to control our happy and make sure happiness happens. I'm about to start it, won't you join me? http://sohp.com/happiness-happens-month-2015/ <------ You're just a click away from being happy!


P.S : Remember ladies, when it comes to your happiness, the only person that can make you truly happy is YOU.


A little lady who is making sure happiness happens

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