Incomplete Sentence

October 21, 2016

I recently posted a status on Facebook that stated " Insane work ethic and unstoppable ambition". After I pressed 'post' I realized that incomplete sentence summed up who I was at this very moment. I don't think my Facebook friends realized how powerful that status was for me. They probably scrolled by it and some may have even taken a minute to press 'like' just because it was me. But, those SIX words touched me so  much that it led me to write this post. As a writer you'll find that you find inspiration and motivation in every little thing. Anything can turn into a post, story or even a book.  Thus, the reason this phrase, group of words,  clause and incomplete sentence explained my life.

I'll be honest, I've always had a strong work ethic. I don't know where it came from. Maybe it was seeing how hard -working my mother was or maybe it was just wanting to actually do something with my life. Regardless of the reason I knew that I had to work hard for what I wanted no matter what it was. If I wanted good grades, I had to put in the work. If I wanted to go out in the weekends I had to work and make sure my house was clean.  If I wanted a guy I had to work hard to get him and keep him.  This insane work ethic sometimes means late late nights and short mornings. It means pushing until I can't push anymore and it means crashing for days after. Rarely has anything came easy for me ladies and that's why INSANE WORK ETHIC describes me perfectly.

I suppose that having such an insane work ethic would certainly correlate with an unstoppable ambition. Ambition is another one of those characteristics that I can't really pinpoint when it became apart of me or where I picked it up from.  But I knew from a very long time ago that it was an adjective that was created to follow the name Sonovia.  I was so obsessed with this word until I even wanted a tattoo with it. But then I realized that I didn't know where it would go so I left that dream there. Being ambitious is living a life that is always filled with 'whats next '. You always want to do something else, something bigger, something better. It brings me so much pride when I can set a task and accomplish like my Launch party last week "Sip n Chat". I felt such a relief once it was over and everyone expressed how much they enjoyed it. But, without delay my unstoppable ambition popped up again causing me to ask myself " Sonovia so what's the next thing on the list". Y'all don't even want to know how long this list is but don't blame me, blame my unstoppable ambition and insane work ethic.

The REAL reason for this post wasn't just to share my 'incomplete sentence' but to for you to try to think of a group of words that describe you perfectly. It won't be easy because describing yourself never is. Have you ever had someone ask you " So, tell me about yourself?". Most nerve-wrecking question ever! But it doesn't have to be if you constantly evaluate yourself and the things you like to do. To help  you out I've listed a few tips that helped and is still helping me figure out my 'incomplete sentence'  ( because it can change ):

  • Ask people around you to describe you- who knows you better than those who are always with you? Whether its family, best friends or your significant other they can be instrumental in finding your incomplete sentence. So many times,  my character traits have been recognized only because those close to me mentioned them.  A lot of times we don't realize certain things about us, both good or bad and we need an outside source.
  • Look at the things that make you happy- what makes you smile? what do you get excited about? what makes you wake up in the morning?  Is it art, fashion or helping others? That could possibly contribute to your incomplete sentence. Working hard and reaping the benefits makes me extremely happy; well look at that my incomplete sentence is just that.
  • Take a deep look at your core values. Dig deep, little lady! What are the things that keep you going? What are some things that you believe in strongly and that you live your life based on? Take your time with this. Don't rush.

It may not come to you like it did with me. Something may trigger it. Someone may tell you it. You may have to make it up and work towards it. Once you do get your incomplete sentence someway somehow it'll help you feel complete.



The Little Lady


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