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Who made heels?

Who was the first woman to wear them anyway?

Why can't we just wear sandals or flats all the time?

What do we need these over glorified shoes for?

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Have you ever heard the saying ...  "All good things comes to an end"? I don't understand that saying AT ALL . Like if it's good why is it ending ? It just doesn't make sense to me . Continue reading

Hey ladies,

Have you ever wondered why we go through daylight savings ? I have and still do ! Every time I have to set my clock ahead or back I'm always trying to figure out what sense does this make?

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I recently posted a status on Facebook that stated " Insane work ethic and unstoppable ambition". After I pressed 'post' I realized that incomplete sentence summed up who I was at this very moment. I don't think my Facebook friends Continue reading

Hey Little Ladies,

Have you'll ever heard of the word happiness? Yip happiness. It's a simple word but yet it holds so much power.

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