It’s not what you think it is

January 14, 2017

Please STOP!

You can't keep thinking like this!

It's really not what you think it is!

Happy New Year ladies! Its 2017 and its the year of more for Little Lady's Diary. More relating to each other, more sharing of experiences and more connecting all around. But, before we commence this journey once again. There are some things that we just have to clear up. When I first started writing and sharing my whole 'lady' ideal, I admitted that when I thought of a lady I thought of a "perfect woman". I thought of a dainty woman who was soft-spoken. But as my journey advanced, I realized that being a lady was far more complex than any of us can imagine.

I really needed to write this post just to kill all the stereotypes or assumptions made when anyone hears the word 'lady'. Even closer to home when they hear the 'Little Lady Diary' or that I'm the 'Little Lady' I never want anyone to think it is unattainable or that it signifies perfection. In one of my previous posts Chasing Progression not Perfection  , I think I made it explicitly clear that I am far from perfect and honestly never wanted to be. Ladies, the simple word 'lady' comes with so much pressure until it isn't funny. The thing  I should have expected it to come, as with anyone who decides to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd.


I need everyone to know it isn't what you think it is. When I write or say that phrase I mean whatever you were thinking when you thought of a lady or little lady's diary. It's not what you think it is. Whenever you see a Little Lady of the Month elevated it's not what you think. Being a lady used to be a chore to some, being a lady used to be a curse to others but this year we are going to see how being a lady will be a blessing. The ironic thing with blessings which ultimately comes from God is that we don't always see all the blessings. I was driving this morning and I said to myself "Sonovia, what exactly do you classify as a blessing?" I realized right the coming around that curve that I only saw blessings as mostly materials things and then things that I prayed for. I didn't realize that simply having a job to drive to was a blessing. I didn't realize that having a car to drive to that job was a blessing. I believe that being a woman is one of those blessings that we have to really reflect on and see how we never realized it before.

It may be a new year but I'm still sticking with my tips method. It really makes explaining it all so much more simple. Therefore, I concocted an acronym for this blessing of being a woman:

H - harmony

E- elevation

E- enlightment

L- limitless

S- satisfied

See what I did there? We don't even know how much being a woman has, is and will help us in the journey was call life intertwined in the struggle of womanhood. Each of those words hold the key to fully embracing womanhood as a blessing.  At the end of last year I started watching a lot of sermons online mainly ones with series because having a part 1,2 and 3 helps you get out all that you want to say without it being so long. So I decided to adopt this little trick this year. So not only is 2017 the Year of More but it is also the Year of Series. Thus, the acronym above is about to start a series that I don't even think I'm ready for , so imagine you ladies. But trust me it will be one that will make you realize that being a woman and furthermore being a lady IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS.


The Little lady who loves her H.E.E.L.S

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