Leave me satisfied

April 24, 2017

When was the last time you felt satisfied?

Was it after a nice episode of your favorite Netflix show?

Or maybe after stuffing your face with you favorite meal? (i.e barbeque chicken).

Or was it simply from knowing that you were a woman and whether anyone believes it or not, that is satisfying enough?

Throughout this entire H.E.E.L.S series, to be honest I've been learning too. It's almost as if I've been teaching myself things as I was talking to y'all. Strange huh? I know. I guess that means this entire series didn't truly come from what I knew but what I needed to say. Ya get me? But now we're on the last part of the series - SATISFIED, and it truly took me a long time to write this. Not long time as in a lot of editing but as in I had NOTHING to say. Lol that happens a lot trust me & when it does I just have to wait until I get the urge or in writer's lingo 'the creative burst' that I needed. Anyway moving right along. I thought for a while how embracing my womanhood would make me satisfied. I had to stop and think about how things would be if I wasn't a woman. I would honestly be miserable!!!! To be a man? I mean no offense I lovvveee me some men but life would be so boring. I wouldn't have the curves I do and I wouldn't be able to bring an entire human being into the world just with my body. Most importantly, I would not be able to use PMS as an excuse for being totally unreasonable and hormonal.

So ladies, can you see now why being a women is so satisfying? After we would have found Harmony with other women, after we would have been Elevated to the next level, after we would have Enlightened ourselves, after we would have broken barriers showing that we are Limitless, all we can be is Satisfied. Now being satisfied, doesn't mean all is going extremely well and you have no challenges. It means that you acknowledge all the trials but still choose to dwell on the things you do love about womanhood. Now, I can't sit here and give you a checklist but I can share with you three things that made me realized that I was satisfied:

  1. I loved other women - I looked at women in adoration and admiration because she was just like me doing what I did and excelling at it. I am always honored and humbled to be a woman when I listen to the stories of others and all they have overcame and achieved. I knew I was satisfied with being a women when I had a genuine love and connection with other females just because we were women.
  2. I loved that I have a distinct femininity - I wasn't ashamed of being feminine and all that came with it. That meant I claimed my infinity for love songs, shopping, romance and sweets. That meant I loved being emotional, tender and sensitive. I wouldn't change it for the world and that was when I knew I was satisfied being a woman.
  3. I loved my body - this one took a while for me to truly be satisfied with. But I came to grips that a woman's body is one of the most beautiful creations on Earth (I actually just wrote a speech on this for my Toastmasters Club and won speaker of the night, yip I'm that passionate about it). I embrace having periods, shaving my legs, putting on makeup and most of all my curves (as little as there may be lol). A woman's body is so precious, we have the ability to create, sustain and bring forth life. God left all of that in our hands because he KNEW we could handle it. It was when I fell in love with my body that I straight up knew, yep, I am satisfied with all that comes with womanhood.

Perhaps you also love the same things I love about being a woman and then maybe you like other things. It really doesn't matter to me once you love and embrace this journey we call womanhood is all that brings me joy. Being satisfied as a woman is a different kind of satisfaction that you can't get from food, or a drink or even lifetime accomplishments. Its a feeling that confirms that hey



The Little Lady who is leaving satisfied.

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