Little Lady of the Month- April

April 4, 2017
  • Hey little lady, tell everyone a little bit more about yourself.

Hey, Phenomenal Ladies. My name is Kya L. McPhee, a 24 year old college graduate and holder of a Bachelors Degree in Media Journalism. I am the owner/designer of K.L.M Designs, a ladies accessory home-based business, focused mainly on bespoke fascinators. I specialize in weddings, funerals, christenings, tea parties, junakanoo groups and any other special event you want to take your look up a notch! K.L.M Designs is based in The Bahamas but is known in various family islands and the United States. I recently had a showcase in Cocoa Beach, Florida, which was a success. With God’s help I plan to continue to take  K.L.M Designs around the world.

I’m an all around girl, I love dancing, singing, and a little of acting. I love anything pertaining to media, from social media business marketing to directing audio/visuals at my local church. I’m an avid believer of Jesus Christ and I’m not ashamed about it. My passion is to perfect whatever my hands find to do!

  • If you could describe a lady in three words what would they be?

In three words a lady would be, Powerful, Phenomenal & Passionate

  • What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you this of the word ‘lady’?

Classy! A lady stands out. There is something different about a lady, she exudes grace but is powerful at the same time.

  • State one reason why you think being a lady is important.

Being a lady means you’re more than just a female. A lady can look good, dress good, smell good but don’t let that fool you; she can kill the serpent (enemy) with the heel of her stilettos. The power that resides within a woman is a gift given by God himself.

  • What's something you would like to say to all the little ladies out there?

Your past does not reflect what your future has in store for you. Let your mistakes elevate you. Don’t stay in your mess but turn your mess into a testimony. Let go of the baggage that weighs you down. Let go of the toxic relationships. Remember you are powerful, do not let nothing and anyone take you down. With God’s help continue to walk in your purpose be Powerful, Phenomenal and Passionate in all that you do!



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