Little Lady of the Month- August

August 15, 2017
  • Hey little lady, tell everyone a little bit more about yourself.
My Name is Na'Toya Flowers and I'm a 24-year-old student of the University of the Bahamas, majoring in a Bachelors in Social Work. I am also one of the founders of an organization known as Beauty Starts Here. I aspire to one day become an international motivational speaker as well as I am passionate about social development and transformation in my country. Starting from the home and working its way into our day-to-day culture! I am also passionate about youth development and helping young women discover their purpose in life beyond their physical appearance.

  • If you could describe a lady in three words what would they be? 
Three words that I would say describes a lady is;
  • What’s  the first thing that comes to mind when you this of the word ‘lady’? 
The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the word lady is a female that's modest but not-self righteous, someone confident but also considers and respects the opinions of others. Someone brave but also wise enough to know when to say no or when to walk away! When I hear the word LADY I envision someone so full of grace in all that she does because she allows God to lead her life without question.
  • State one reason why you think being a lady is important. 
I believe that being a lady is extremely important because the world constantly tells us that we are weak and we are incapable and that we can't. But the truth is we are strong, we are capable and we actually can. And we can because we are being true to who God created us to be, Ladies! And not because we are trying to be anything else. So it's important for us to be authentic women and overcome all boundaries that the world have set for us by simple being Bold and Graceful Ladies!
  • What's something you would like to say to all the little ladies out there?
To all the Ladies out there I want to encourage you with this! You are beautiful, you are strong, you are fierce and you are enough! Never think that you have to be anything other than yourself in order to earn the approval of this world. Remember that the God of the universe who created all things lovely saw the earth and realized that it's not complete unless you were there! You are loved!! ❤️

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