Little Lady of The Month- July

July 11, 2017

1. Hey little lady, tell everyone a little bit more about yourself. (e.g. bio. Name, age, occupation, passion).

Daria Gibson , 17 , Recent graduate from the great Queens College about to begin transition to a college freshman where I will be attending the prestigious Hampton university in Virginia. Throughout the pass year I have lead many organizations such as Junior Achievement, GGYA, QC Feed the 5000, Queen in Me & Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Archonettes. Most recently I have been titled Archonette of the Year. Also, I am the Owner of the Cookie Lady Too, which is the rebrand of The Cookie Lady in which my mother was the owner. My passion would have to be empowering youth to follow their dreams and boost their confidence meanwhile building a relationship with God as He able to make everything happen in your life. 

2. If you could describe a lady in three words what would they be?

Beautiful , resilient, powerful 

3. What’s  the first thing that comes to mind when you this of the word ‘lady’?

A lady is someone that's not afraid to be themselves, someone that is confident in everything they do and someone that exemplifies what it means to be a queen and carries themselves with grit and grace. Also the word lady reminds me that it's OK to to live inside the box at times because boundaries is another way of saying sticking to your morals. 

4. State one reason why you think being a lady is important.

I believe being a ladies important because there is a need for more role models in the society today for my generation and the generations to come to teach us and guide us how to be fearless and dynamic leaders but with grit and grace. 

5. What's something you would like to say to all the little ladies out there?


To all the little ladies out there be yourself be true to who you are and never let anyone tell you that you're not good enough or make you feel like you are an outcast just because you choose to stand out. In addition remember God made you who you are for a reason and that He created you beautiful in every little way and when you are in doubt turn to Him and He will guide you through it all. remember when God is for you no one can be against you. 

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