Little Lady of the Month – July

July 4, 2016
  •  Hey Little Lady, tell us a little about yourself?

I am Duranique Minus. I am 14 years old, 10th grade student at the great St.John’s College, where I will be entering the 11th grade in the upcoming new school year. I am a member of Library cadets where I placed first with the most points in the senior high group 2015-16. During the new school year, I will become a second year student in the Future Teachers of the Bahamas Cadets program as I aspire to one day teach Food and Nutrition on a secondary level. I am a member of The Bahamas Girl Guides Association, training to become a ranger guide and also volunteer and assist with the 2nd Nassau Girl Guides Company at my school every Wednesday.

I was awarded most outstanding Girl Guide in the Western Division 2015-2016. I am also an active member of the St.Ambrose Guild at St. John's College, and I always try to encourage my peers to serve on the altar with me for the experience.

My hobbies include reading, swimming, listening to music, cooking, yoga and writing poems as well as short stories. I recently participated in the Miss Teen Bahamas International Pageant 2016 and earned the title of Miss World’s Perfect Junior Teen. I look forward to representing The Bahamas at World’s Perfect Teen Pageant to be held in August in Orlando, Florida.

  •  If you could describe a lady in three words what would it be?

If I could describe a lady in three words it would be determined, confident and dynamic. To be a lady is to be a true, confident, just leader. John Quincy Adams once said “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." A lady sets the pathway for others to follow and become better people. Each day I strive to be a positive example for my peers, particularly young females, so that they can have no fear in achieving their goals.

  •  Why  do you believe  being a lady is so important?

I believe being a lady is important because in today’s world, females are lowering their standards to fit in with society’s stereotypes. They are forgetting what it means to be a lady and the respect that being a lady earns by standing out. A lady is full of grace and her presence is always felt when she enters a room, each action that she carries out affects someone around her and who knows what life changing event can happen as a result of characteristics.

  • What is something you would leave with the rest if the little ladies out there?

To all the little ladies out there, I would like to say believe in yourself and do not let anyone detour you from any goal that you have set for yourself. Always be classy, respectful, obedient and strong because you never know who is watching you. Stay true to yourself and your morals, be confident, and if you want something, I encourage you to go after it with full force. In everything that you, do give thanks to God. The right pathway is never the easiest, but it will make you a stronger lady once you endure to the end.


Yet another little lady encouraging womanhood one page at a time!


The Little Lady

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