Little Lady of The Month – September

September 1, 2016
  • Hey little lady! Tell us a little about yourself.
Hey little ladies. My name is Terrenique Bastian; I’m 23 years old and a recent graduate of the College of the Bahamas. I am the author of the book entitled Dare Beauty which encourages young women to discover their worth in Christ and challenge them to be all that God created them to be. TB
  • Describe a lady in three words
A lady is always : Gracious -marked by kindness and courtesy Striving- makes great efforts to achieve or obtain something Consistent- shows steady conformity to character
  • Why do you consider yourself to be a lady?
One of the reasons I consider myself a lady is because I'm always willing to learn. There are a number of things that I'm still learning about the true essence of womanhood from being generous with my time to searching for the good in every situation. I understand that learning never stops for a lady and it is essential to always maintain a humble and teachable posture. The wisdom and knowledge I attain grants me the opportunity to pass it down to other ladies.
  • State why being a lady is important?
We have the responsibility of motivating other women to embark on the journey to becoming a lady and teaching them what being a lady entails. The bible does a fine job in describing the biblical woman. Possessing a gentle and quiet spirit, demonstrating humility, being submissive, and well organized are a few of the unique qualities of being a lady. Proverbs 31 gives us a complete layout of the woman of character; she is diligent, organized and honored by the community. She is identified as a woman of worth and dignity, and her attractiveness comes from her character.
  • One thing you would like to say to all the little ladies out there?
The journey to becoming a lady involves constantly learning and evolving. It’s a process that requires commitment, selflessness and consistency. Being a lady is definitely a choice, start now and practice maintaining a standard of virtue and morality. It's your time to work actively to birth change and leave your legacy behind. From one little lady to another.


The Little Lady

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