A letter to the Hopeless Romantic

Dear Hopeless Romantic,

I know that you've been thinking. I know that you've been wanting. I know that you've been chasing. Love. Everything about it fascinates you and drives you to want it more and more and more. You ask yourself, how can a word so small be so powerful? How can I be so obsessed with something so  intangible? My hopeless romantic I want you to know that you are not alone. I need you to know that I was once you. I say 'once you' not to mean that being a hopeless romantic is a bad thing but sad to say my love it isn't a good thing either.

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It's Christmas time and everyone is focused on the hustle and bustle of buying gifts and preparing for celebrations. Although I don't subscribe to a busy Christmas  nor go crazy over  gifts I enjoy watching others enjoy it. Giving a gift to a loved one has become a season tradition that no one is trying to break anytime soon. So, with that said,

What are you going to get for your boo?

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Hey Little Ladies,

Last month was a flashback month for me and it allowed me to look back on the past year. I underwent a lot of self-reflection, particularly, in the realm of relationships. Now, I haven't had

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Hey Little Ladies!!

Now, this post comes from the heart. I mean the deepest part of my heart. I think I can safely assume that all of us have been sick before. I can also assume that all of Continue reading

Hey Little Ladies!

So as we all know ( even those of us who are dreading the day) Valentine's Day is fastly approaching. Now, this 'special day' will and always has gotten mixed reviews from women all

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Hey Ladiesss!!

Guess what the year is just about over & its time for all the 'This Year I Will" lists. Some of you may strive to lose that 6.23 lbs that you put on during the holidays or some of you may want to save double of what you did in 2015. Whatever your New Year's resolutions and goals are for 2016 I fully support you and wish you the best in completing them.

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