May I have the definition please!

February 28, 2017

Part of speech (yours)
Origin (womanhood)
Definition (what every woman should strive for)

For years upon years and I mean yearsssssss we as women have been the inferior race. Sad to say our men have been oblivious and ignorant to how much of a blessing we have been and are. What is even more sad ladies is that we too believed it for a very long time. Now I don't know who decided that enough was enough but whoever it was please I would love to get your autograph. That one woman or group of women who decided to put a stop to the madness, decided to try out this thing we call "enlightenment" . Our second 'E' but third part in the H.E.E.L.S series.

To be honest I took forever to find a word fitting for the second E for the series. To be even more transparent I didn't even truly know the meaning of the word. I had an idea but after looking it up I'm too happy it lines up . Enlightenment means:

Education or awareness that brings about change

Pretty simple no ? I think so too. Now I can sit here and write about this word all day but that's not the point of this post. I really just want to show you how being aware can bring about change that will make you see how much of a blessing womanhood is.

I always wanted to be a linguist but I wasn't truly committed to the cause. So I've decided to live vicariously through this post and linguistically show three ways how enlightenment is the base of our H.E.E.L.S.

1.Part of speech

- the minute a woman opens her mouth you will know if she is 'enlightened ' or not? What does she say? How does she say it? It hurts my heart when I hear women unknowingly put themselves down or diminish their worth. The tongue is too powerful to just be talking because you can. Enlightenment should be so much  apart of our speech until it rolls off our tongues like a Spanish 'r'. Be committed to educating yourself and being aware of how you can be a better woman. You'll see how much different your speech will be and others will too.


- I'm sure if we were to go to Google (a gift from God) and search the word 'enlightenment ' all kinds of politically correct definitions would pop up including where this powerful word came from . Some may say it has an English origin and others may say it's root is Latin but I say NO! The origin of this word is from WOMANHOOD. Let's be real, how many times in world history have we seen women in HEELS or not, rise up, educate themselves and bring awareness to the struggles, joys and adventures of womanhood. No worries ladies if you can't think of some here's a few , Michelle Obama, Mother Teresa, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Margaret Thatcher and so so so so so much more. They are literally living examples ( well not all of them lol ) of how being enlightened was planted in our wombs and birthed in our lives as women.

3. Definition

- let me tell you the real reason I didn't want to be a linguist anymore. I would have to learn too many definitions lol. I'm joking but really and truly you have to be knowledgeable of definitions of a lot of words. I would have probably made up a lot of them like I'm doing now. I know Webster would have told us the true definition but I think the language gods would give me a pass to say that enlightenment is..... what every woman should strive for. It is literally something that defines us and all that we have been through. So  I'm just going to put  in a request to my girl Merriam and see if we can get  that amendment to the 2018 version.

I am  really really really happy I didn't decide to be a linguist. I am really really really happy I am a woman. But most importantly I am really really really happy I'm enlightened.



The Little Lady who knows the definition of womanhood.


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