Meet The Little Lady

Meet The Little Lady

Hey Little Ladies,

I am SO happy you took the time out to check out the my website and clicked on this page to find out more about little old me. As you would imagine , I'm your average 24 year old who loves to eat, go out with friends and cuddle up with a good book every now and then. But I'm also a young woman who is simply passionate about other young women.  Thus the birth of 'The Little Lady's Diary'.

I can't recall when or where I got the name 'Little Lady' but it stuck with me and truly embodies who I am. Little Lady's Diary is a piece of me to you. It's purpose is to showcase and bring back to life the desire to be a lady. Too often we see young women aspiring to be everything else but a lady. I aspire to show young women that being a lady is something to be proud of and that you can be one even in the modern day society. While I am nowhere close to perfect and don't want you to be either, I believe that being a woman is a gift and a curse all-in-one. With great power comes great responsibility. We are responsible for protecting ourselves from anything that will threaten our HAPPINESS, challenge our WOMANHOOD, or attempt to make us feel like you have to be anything different than we are. Wherever we may reside in this journey we call womanhood being a lady is possible. I know it's not easy, but we can make it if we all just stick together.


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