Mexico; how it changed my life!

September 13, 2016
Hey Ladies, I will apologize in advance because this post will be filled with nostalgia and memories. Please bare with me as I share with you how traveling to Mexico changed my entire life. It was my first time flying in a plane for more than 1 hour. So imagine me in one for 3. I already knew it was going to be torture. However, the real torture was waiting for the plane to land and walk out into a new country filled with possibilities. There's a saying that goes "if you love someone let them go and if they come back you know they are yours for sure". Well Mexico I am forever yours because I think three times means that we are in this thing for life. I went back to Mexico three times because it captured my heart from day one. Now, I won't bore you with all the places I've been but I will tell you that if I hadn't gone there I would not have climbed a 7,000 foot mountain, stand on top of pyramids and look over the rich vegetation below, mine for silver in a cave, walk in the streets that commemorate 'Cinco de mayo' or eat insects covered in chilli and lime. Apart from all the exciting things I did and places I saw (see slideshow for some of my highlights), all three times I went to Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico I learnt and took something new away with me:
  • New country= new way of life - You would think coming from a sub -tropical island that I would be able to adjust to this new country. But, it was nothing like my little islands. Now when I say nothing I don't mean it in a negative way but of course being accustomed to an island way of life there would be a lot of readjusting for me. For example, I am used to a heavy hot breakfast, small lunch and big supper. Well, it was the exact opposite in Mexico. There I had a really small breakfast, a huge lunch and a light supper. The climate was new for me as well. Before arriving I truly thought it would be hot just like home but where I was in Cuernavaca it rained a lot. It's known as the 'City of Primavera' which is spring and I understood why. It rained every night without fail. It rained so much until I seriously considered buying rain boots; cute ones though. Out of all the new ways I had to adjust my life, I think transportation was most difficult. I got my license at 17 which means I had access to a car from a teenager. Living in a country where I had to catch the bus and a taxi everywhere took a lot out of me. I can count the amount of times I used public transportation home. However, these taxis and bus rides made each trip an adventure and that more fun and exciting.
  • New people - Mexicans are so friendly that they remind me of Bahamians, everyone was fascinated with my friends and I and the fact that we could speak Spanish so well. It was so easy meeting new people in Mexico. I felt as if I knew them all in a past life. Any opportunity presented a means by which you could meet new people. Whether it was from getting lost around town or even eating at a new restaurant, I met Mexicans from every different walk of life. I have friends I met who I still talk to and miss dearly and have made lasting connections. They were the ones who picked me up from my house and gave me the native tours and made sure I ate from the best road vendors. They were the ones who helped me practice my Spanish by making me speak the language although they could speak English as well. My mexican family was the absolute best. I honestly felt as if they were my real grandparents and they treated me as if I was a "Gallegos Muros" (their last name). I miss them all everyday and look forward to seeing them once I get my Mexican passport (I joke).
  • New experiences - I have never experienced so many new things all in one place. Mexico was filled with sights, events and places to go. I climbed mountains, pyramids and trees. I went to over 8 museums filled with rich history about Mexico from the Aztecs to artists such as Frida Kahlo. I saw waterfalls and even explored ancient caves. I was able to learn how to make tequila and ate┬áchilli covered grasshoppers (well I made an attempt to). Now don't get me wrong not all my experiences were good such as having to get a root canal while over there and injuring my foot to the point I couldn't walk for a week. But those things were minute in comparison to all the amazing experiences I took away from that country. Nonetheless, I got to experience major holidays such as their Independence Day (which is not Cinco de Mayo) and Dias de Los Muertos (Mexican Halloween). The nightlife was so lit! I felt so free walking the streets with my girls, salsa bar hopping and getting lost after a long night.
If I had a choice to do it all over again, I would do it the exact same way. I could honestly claim my passport whenever the Mexican government is ready to give me it because I truly believe I'm an honorary mexican. I always talk about my time living in Mexico, but I never wrote about it. So I decided to share my life, experiences and thoughts with you ladies as I always aim to do. When people tell you travelling is one the best things in the world, believe them because as you can see from all of that above, Mexico truly changed my life.


The Little Lady who can't and won't stop travelling.

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