New Year; No Man

December 30, 2015

Hey Ladiesss!!

Guess what the year is just about over & its time for all the 'This Year I Will" lists. Some of you may strive to lose that 6.23 lbs that you put on during the holidays or some of you may want to save double of what you did in 2015. Whatever your New Year's resolutions and goals are for 2016 I fully support you and wish you the best in completing them.

I know we've all heard the saying "New Year; New Me". I always smile when I hear someone say that.  I find it funny but because if they only knew they could actually fulfill that overly used cliché. But this year I decided to make up my own saying and its "New Year; No Man". Now I know you're thinking why would I not want a man in the New Year? I'm not telling you not to continue dating your 'boo thang' or to break up with your 'baby'. I'm simply suggesting something that I like to call a -man//cay//shun.-( I'm sure I didn't make up the word but I like to think I did)

A 'mancation' is exactly what it sounds like a vacation from a man. While growing up, I've observed alot of  women; young and old. They fall into a blackhole and allowed relationships to suck them in making them forget that they are individuals outside of their relationship, situationship or whatever you want to call it. Trust me its natural for women to want to take care and please our men; its got something to do with our strong nurturing traits. But what's gonna happen if you and your 'sweetie' doesn't work out? Did you get so 'drunk in love' that you forgot to please yourself and make you happy? I read this article on Huffington post talking about being singly together with someone and I thought it was the most amazing theory ever. How powerful is it to be with someone but still be by yourself. OK OK! I  know it seems confusing so I'll include the link to the post but back to the matter at hand. This MAN-CATION.... If you ask any of my closest friends they will all tell you that anytime they have a bad break up or a rift in their relationship I suggest that they take a mancation. Not because I want them to distance themselves away from their men but because I don't want them to get 'lost in love'. It's a refresher a rejuvenation period where you get to regain focus on yourself.

So, I'm finally deciding to share this little trick with all the little ladies out there. As the year comes to an end if you feel like all your energy and time goes into pleasing your man or you feel as if the only thing you look forward to on the weekend is cuddling up with bae and watching Netfilx ( although that does sound good)  then you need a mancation. Now, I'm not saying it will be easy but it will certainly be worth it and  because I love you little ladies soo much I thought of some helpful tips to make this mancation an exhilarating and enjoyable one.  I  was feeling crafty and decided to create "A Guide to the Perfect Mancation". This is my Christmas and New Year's present to you all. I hope this guide helps you reach your newly made goals whether you're feeling the vibe of "New Year; New Me" or "New Year; No Man" and may 2016 be all that you envisioned it to be. Dating, Love & Relationships can get tiring and drain you. Start off 2016 refreshed and poised as a little lady should.

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The Little Lady embracing the New Year to come!!

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  • I totally agree. You really need it becsuse one can get lost in a realtionship. It permits you to focus on you and to become a better person.

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