Sandy Bums & Salty Skin

June 12, 2016

Hey little ladies,

We would have spoken about etiquette  in general in the past few posts ( if you missed them no worries they are there waiting to be read) but I thought it was time for us to specify where etiquette would be used in our everyday life. Etiquette and being a lady goes hand in hand it's like peanut butter and jelly, like a nice handbag and some cute pumps they just fit perfectly. I don't want any of you little ladies to think that etiquette equates to perfection because I know I'm not perfect and I don't want to be. But in order to make this journey to womanhood a bit smoother etiquette has to come along for the ride.

Living in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, I see beaches all day everyday so I may not be so excited to go on one in comparison to someone who lives in cold weather and a beach may be miles away. So, in lieu of 'Beach SZN' this post is dedicated to etiquette on the beach. I know you may be thinking etiquette + beach doesn't add up right? But, it actually does! Those days that I do actually decide I need a beach day, I'm usually super annoyed at how some humans act. Yes it is an informal space so I don't expect the etiquette you would use if you were sipping tea and eating crumpets with the Queen. But, it is still a public space which means you should still have respect for others and yourself, especially as a little lady.

Someone called me the 'tip guru' the other day and I actually liked it. With that being said y'all already know what's coming next! Tip, tips, and more tips! Here's some simple tips but valuable for when you hit the beach:

  • Keep the beach clean please - I've been taught from young to take care of my environment which simply means keep it clean. The beach of all places should be taken care of because if it we don't it can affect us in the long run. Carrying food, drinks and snacks are a summer custom when going to the beach. Swimming and the sun just seem to make you extra hungry. But I believe just how you brought them on the beach you can take it with you when leaving or dispose of it in provisions made. It really saddens me when I see trash on the beach just chilling and soaking up the rays. I'm sure I can speak on behalf of all the beach lovers out there when I say we want to go to the beach and not the 'dump' this summer.
  • Limit the noise - although the beach is open air sounds still travels, particularly to others who may be close by. I cannot count how many times I've gone on the beach and someone brought their entire studio system with them blasting music that I don't even like. Now, don't get me wrong I love music on the beach but I wouldn't play mines so loud that persons who aren't even on the beach can hear it. Some people come to the beach to relax and would prefer peace and quiet not feeling every beat of the song in their chest.
  • Allow personal space- ladies I think this is the most important tip of them all. P E R S O N A L  SPACE! As I mentioned earlier the beach is a public space keyword= space. This means try to give some space between you and others on the beach. No one wants to go to the beach to have strangers uncomfortably close to them. I usually try to be at least 20 steps away from another group of persons if the beach is full. If it isn't I literally head to the next side of the beach simply to give them some privacy.

Summer is here ladies. There's no turning back now. The sun is blazing and the beach is calling our names. We can enjoy the waves and leave with sandy bums and salty skin all while practicing some 'summer etiquette'.


A little lady who is going to the beach with etiquette in her bag.

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