Superwoman Complex

March 18, 2017

It took me a while before a desire built up for me to want to wear heels. When I was smaller I didn't quite understand how my mommy walked on such a skinny 'stick'. Don't even dare ask me about when she ran. I thought she was  Superwoman and started to wonder if maybe she could even fly. I thought her abilities were limitless like she could do everything and anything. When I did receive my first pair of high heels ( not the ones you wore to church as a little girl with your frilly socks) I realized that I too could walk in them just as good as my mommy and even run. ONLY WHEN NECESSARY! The strange thing was no one taught me how to walk in them. No one taught me how step or tip. Once I mastered walking in them without falling flat on my face, it was then that I realized that by being a woman I innately had the ability to live a life that was limitless.

Here we are ladies, to the L in our H.E.E.L.S series! *throws confetti* as you could have guessed from the previous paragraph the L is for limitless. What I need you to do is stop reading, close your eyes and remember the last time you slipped your feet into a nice pair of heels. Okay, open them  you have to finish reading the post 😂. Now, when you slid your feet in and stood up didn't you feel "some type of way"? Like you could literally slay all day ?
No worries I feel the say way every time I wear a pair. It's just something about being elevated off of the ground and limitless.
Limitless is plainly without limits, restrictions, boundaries, blocks or barriers. As a woman, daily and I mean daily limits are put on what we are capable of doing. Every time a new limit is created I think to myself they cannot be serious! Do they not know who we are? How can you fix your mouth to say that a woman cannot be a CEO, a pastor, the leader of a country when we gave birth to them all. Now I am not a mother yet,  but I believe that anyone who can give birth to a child can do ANYTHING and I mean anything. Ok sorry, obviously I get too passionate about this and I have to sit down and think about it all.

Why would they want to put limits on us if we weren't a threat?

Why would they try to block us, lock us and break us if we weren't strong?

I've realized that the only reason we bear all these limits is because everyone knows that as women we are truly limitless. The next time someone comes to you and make you feel like you have to live by some restraints slide into your H. E. E. L. S and let them know these three things:

1. Barriers were meant to be broken

Barriers are put in place to restrict access to a certain area, space or place. It means that only a select few can enjoy what is on the other side. I'm sure the persons who try again and again are getting weary of women breaking all barriers set against them. Just look at the jobs that were deemed only for men; such as pilots, astronauts, government representative and athletes. We are cleaning up ladies! All because they thought we couldn't we did! Being a woman is a blessing because we get to show off, show out and show up to every barrier and break them without even taking off our heels.
2. You cannot contain something so powerful

When I was in high school, we learnt about atoms and neurons and all that 'sciencey' stuff. One of the things that stood out to me was how powerful these things were. I will always remember the first time I saw the sun up close ( a picture from a textbook of course lol). It was one HUGE ball of fire. I was like woahhhh that's why it's always so hot in the Bahamas. Anyway, the big ball of fire is so powerful that it is literally the source of light for all mankind in the entire planet Earth. You cannot contain the sun's power if you tried and you would probably die trying as well. The same can thought of in regards to women. We're hot, powerful and sometimes refuse to be contained. A powerful woman who fears no limits is a force to be reckoned with. Proceed with caution!
3. The more they fight the more we fight back

Oddly enough, I've developed this love for boxing. ( I see you NOT judging me, thank you ) It's not that I like to see people beat each other to a pulp, but rather that I love to see them fighting back through it all determined to win. I always get excited and start screaming and cheering them on. But the best fight I've even seen isn't on pay per view. Its front seat, big screen in the lives of some women I know. Never have I seen such persistence, such valor and such stamina as I've seen in a woman's daily life. The more life fights us with divorces, rape, verbal and physical abuse and discrimination in every way possible, we fight back. We refuse to hear the bell ding and we are the ones on the floor. It's not in our nature, it's not in our makeup. The more they fight, the more we fight back and the loser is never us.

A woman's ability to make her life one that she loves is without end, without limit, without boundary. To be honest, I never watched the movie Superman because there was never a movie called 'Superwoman'.

When nothing seems complete and you're searching for a better part of you, remember you're a Superwoman.

When you hang your head down from sorrow and humility, find the strength in that you're a Superwoman.

Even when you're a mess still put on your heels and continue to fight anything that threatens to ruin your journey through womanhood.



The Little lady who wears a S on her chest.



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