The Modern Day lady

November 18, 2015

Go ahead be honest! When you thought of a lady you envisioned pin curls, high waist skirts, gloves and the daintiest purse ever. Well I know that image is one that constantly pops in my mind when I hear the word even to date. Although, there is nothing wrong with that '1950's lady' times have changed. So as we journey throughout our womanhood we have evolved over the years. The lady that we should emulate is the what I call the "Modern Day Lady".

The Modern Day Lady isn't much different from the aforementioned, however, she has made her presence that much more noticeable in the 21st century. She is the perfect mix between strong and gracious with a sprinkle of humility. Below are some characteristics of a modern day lady, see how much you can check off to be true about you:

  1. Gracious- she is never above saying thank you, no matter how small it seems and expresses gratitude in a meaningful way.
  2. Leader- She sets the precedent in any situation. She uses her influence to lead others to do good.
  3. Temperate- she practices discipline and self control in any situation.
  4. Genuine Interest- she is always interested not only interesting.
  5. Original- she may have role models or mentors but she never copies or compares.
  6. Humble- she allows others to shine and have their moments until hers arrives.
  7. Takes pride- she takes pride in her appearance; running to the food store is not an exception.
  8. Teachable- she is always trying to learn something new and constantly growing; never thinks she 'knows it all'.
  9. Noble- she does the good thing even when it is not expected of her.
  10. Peace-maker- she does not stir up drama but rather is a vessel of peace.
  11. Unfettered- she doesn't believe in limits; her possibilities in life are limitless.
  12. Ambitious- she is always on her grind making sure she gets what she wants done

The world is going at a fast pace and ever-changing and the lady has to keep up! So let's try this again... when you hear the word 'lady' what pops into your mind?


A little lady who is trying to transform into a Modern Day Lady


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  • Well said! When I think of a modern day lady, I also think confidence. There is just something about a lady who is confident enough in herself to understand her value. This understanding allows her to walk a certain way, talk a certain way, and hold herself to higher standards. Nonetheless, she is skilled enough to be confident and yet remain humble (#6 on your list). 🙂

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