The Perfect Gift

December 13, 2016

It's Christmas time and everyone is focused on the hustle and bustle of buying gifts and preparing for celebrations. Although I don't subscribe to a busy Christmas  nor go crazy over  gifts I enjoy watching others enjoy it. Giving a gift to a loved one has become a season tradition that no one is trying to break anytime soon. So, with that said,

What are you going to get for your boo?

I know you've been hinting to him what you wanted for Christmas since March so I would hope you have an idea of what you're gonna get him. But if not it's ok I gat you girl! Why not give the gift that never stops giving? Give him  some loveeeeeee! Yeah it sounds cliché, cheesy and even impossible but you really don't know how far this one little word can go in your relationship. I know you're thinking but why I am giving him love this Christmas if I "give" it everyday?

Are you sure you're loving him ?

Are you being patient with him?

Are you being honest and trusting him?

It's time to actually give him something that he can use for not only the rest of the year but for your entire relationship. Instead of clothes, a watch and some video game that he could buy himself, give him what he truly needs from you this Christmas; LOVE. I was watching this sermon series that my blogging sister Alaina sent me ( go see her blog and be blessed Alaina Inspires. and I realized that men NEED us. Like whether they want to admit it or not they needs us and they need our love. I don't know if any of you have ever heard of SSS Tonic. It may be a Caribbean thing but I'm not sure. For those who don't know what it is, it's a iron supplement that has a very high potency. If you are weak or tired, take a sip of that and it changes your world. When I was thinking about the ways that a woman's love can affect a man the triple SSS drink came to mind and I thought it just made sense. Just as one would sip on this tonic for strength, energy and rejuvenation this is the same way a woman's love affects her man.  When you give bae his gift of love this Christmas this is exactly what he'll see when he opens your heart:

1. Support

  • when God created Adam he realized after a very short while that this man could not do it alone. He could not live his life without some help. The same applies today with man & woman. In a relationship, support is indeed a pillar and is needed from both parties. But, let's look at it ladies, we can handle a bit more than men can therefore they need us to be their support system; encouraging them along the way. Your love should be a direct reflection of your love for him and he should see it everyday.

2. Security

  • There is nothing like feeling secure in your relationship. I think this is one of the top best feelings ever. To know that you're here and not going anywhere feels really really good. Sometimes we have the notion that only men need to provide security in a relationship. Ladies, this is far from true, men want to know that they are secure in their relationship. They want to know that one day you won't just up and leave. Giving him the perfect gift of love will help put his mind at ease.

3. Satisfaction

  • Have you ever been loved so much until it satisfies your soul? I mean that is hard to find and I've only true ever experienced once other than the unconditional love I receive from God everyday. Nonetheless, loving someone and being loved back probably is one of the biggest satisfactions of life. To be satisfied means you're happy and a happy man is a happy life ( lol of course that's not the real saying). Giving your sweetie pie the gift of love this Christmas will leave him satisfied with not only you but the direction that the relationship is going.

Ladies, our men need us to be there, fill in the gap, support them, give them security and satisfaction. All of this some way some how is wrapped up in the gift of love. So don't break the bank or pull out your new weave trying to figure out what to get bae for Christmas. Just find a box and stick a box on the present called love. Trust me this will be his best Christmas yet!

P.S. He may still want something to open that day so go ahead and spoil him with something tangible


The little lady who has a big bow and a box filled with love

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