The Way of Ladies

September 16, 2015

Ladies, have you ever heard of the saying that "Every lady is a woman but not every woman is a lady"? I never understood that until one day I realized that I didnt only wanna aspire to be a woman when I grew up but a lady.

A big part of my transition was the word 'etiquette'. The word is of French origin and was initially understood to mean a tag or label but evolved over time to describe the study of behaviour. This section of the blog will be dedicated to etiquette because as little ladies we shoudl practice it in whatever we do.

Now, I'm not talking about the traditional notion of lady etiquette you are picturing such as sipping tea and eating crumpets at noon ,but rather, the modern day version. The modern day lady practices etiquette in it simplest form. Below I've compiled a checklist based on all my readings and research. Although I by no means know everything abut ettiquette here are a few examples that I and some etiquette connoisseurs (another French word :D) agree sum up some ways to be "Etiquettely Correct". So go ahead see how much you can tick! Even if its not alot dont judge yourself.I myself can't even tick every single one. Remember, being a lady doesn't take just one day but a lifetime.

( ) I try my best to greet everyone I come in contact with. ( Saying Good morning, afternoon, night)

( ) I say please and thank you when asking for and receiving anything.

( ) I chew like I have a secret.

( ) I shy away from gossip.

( ) I think before I speak.

( ) I do not subsrcibe to drama.

( ) I hold my head high and never my nose.

( ) I stay well-groomed.

( )I understand the thin line between being honest and rude.

( ) I do not swear.

( ) I'm intelligent but not  know-it-all.

Signed a little lady who is practicing etiquette


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