Chasing progression not perfection.

October 11, 2016

When I was a little girl, I would look at all the other little girls with their clear skin, slim built, perfect eyesight, perfect teeth. I would always wonder why I had to be so imperfect. Why did I have to wear glasses from I was 2 years old? Why did I develop a double row involuntarily? Why did I put on so much weight in grade 3 and took forever to take it off? These questions stayed with me but I realized that all the things I listed above I could change. They were minor stuff but until I could I would work on my personality. I figured if I could get that together I would be well on my way to being the woman I always wanted to be. I don't want people to get the wrong notion with my "Little Lady" brand. I'm not trying to bash girls who aren't like me. (This may not be exactly tied into etiquette but anything that characterizes a lady I like to put in this chapter.) I'm not trying to say they aren't lady-like.  I just believe there are certain qualities that all ladies posses if not all some. I would've mentioned a few in one of my older posts The Modern Day Lady Three of them stuck out to me when I was thinking on what to write and they were :

  • LEADER- I never knew I was a leader until I was told. I was always put in leadership positions from a young age  but I never embraced them until I graduated high school. It was then that I started to notice how much of a humbling experience it is to be a leader. Being a lady means you lead someone, somewhere, somehow. I know you're thinking, well I'm not a leader so am I not a lady? YES YOU ARE! Guess what you are a leader you may just not realize it yet/ Have you ever persuaded anyone to do anything? Well, you led them. Have you ever been given the last say or the power to make a decision on behalf of a group of persons? Well then hunty, you are a leader. Being a woman and a leader is one of the most taxing tasks ever. We have to remain composed and steadfast at the same time. We must show our compassionate side while being careful not to be over emotional. It can all be one big ball of double standards but that doesn't make you any less of a leader. Being a leader doesn't make you any less of a lady; in fact its one of our admired qualities.
  • HUMBLE- humility is a word that is so beautiful to say but so hard to maintain. I am always talking about being humble or praying to God to continue to bless me with the spirit of humility. There are enough days that I want to tell people who underestimate me that they have no idea of the things I'm doing. That they can't possibly imagine the things that are in store for my future. But then, I remember this quality of being a lady. Being a lady is intertwined with humility as it simply means that you do not think you're better than anyone. This is so important because it then makes you that more relatable, that more likeable and that more pleasant as a lady.
  • UNFETTERED- a fetter is a chain or shackle that is used to constrain or restrict someone. No one wants to have to wear one or be fettered. As women we are already fettered by society enough. So, to be unfettered should be a pretty big deal for us. This means if you say you're gonna do something you get it done, nothing holds you back and if it does you overcome it. This is why being a lady is so powerful and sometimes feared. Could you imagine a woman free of constraints or restrictions? Oh my, that is one woman who is on the move. I can't begin to imagine if all women were unfettered how much differently the world would be. Some of us, have our personal fetters that we have created and are not even aware of. As we journey into womanhood one day at a time we are going to have to get rid of them; one fetter at a time.

I am not the same person I am today tens years ago, even 2 months ago. I've made a lot of mistakes but I will keep going until I become the person I want to be. I've never been perfect. I may have a million and one FLAWS but does that stop me from embracing being a lady? NOPE! Does it cause me bash other women because they have not yet fully found the type of woman they want to be? NUH UH! I have women in my life who are content with the way they are. They don't share the same values, principles or goals as I do and that is completely fine. I respect them for who they are and love them for everything they bring to the table. But,  because I don't do what they do or talk like they talk does not mean I'm perfect. There is  only ONE thing I'm perfect in being and that is perfectly being the woman I seek  to be.


The Little Lady who gave up chasing perfection.


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