Travelled as strangers; left as sisters!

May 30, 2016

Hey Little Ladies,

This is probably the first time I have ever spoken of my sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. But it most certainly won't be the last. Yes, I am a 'sorority girl' and I say that with the highest esteem. My sorority is one that is based upon sisterhood at its finest and I was able to participate in one of our signature programs Leadership Fellows . I wanted to share this experience with you all because one this program allowed me to travel ( hence it being in the travel section) and it shaped what I would say was one of my best years ( 2015-2016) yet.


Have you ever experienced something and it felt surreal the entire time? That is exactly how my experience felt for the Leadership Fellows Class of 2015. The first time I heard about the program while showing interest in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Thus, the first opportunity I got I applied. Being a senior and only having one year left in my undergraduate year, I knew I wouldn’t be able to participate in a lot of program as such. Therefore, this was my only chance to experience Alpha Kappa Alpha in this medium.

My emotions came in stages first it was anticipation, excitement and pure appreciation. The first stage of anticipation was related to the actual application process and awaiting my fate. I had no clue if was going to be chosen but I knew I that it would be an amazing experience as I had previously spoken with Soror Philicia Huyler- Leadership Fellow 2014 also from the International Region about it and she only had great remarks. When I got that email that told me I was accepted my brain went into full throttle and the excitement rose as the days got closer. It was going to be my first international event as a new initiate into the sorority and it was a must that I was prepared. I was excited to meet my fellow Leadership Fellows, the committee and our International President Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson. Upon arrival, everything seemed unreal as if I had stepped into a dream, every session felt like Christmas as we were adorned with gifts and tokens of sisterly love. The sessions were so timely and informative until I tried to record it all so that I would not forget one thing. The best part of the entire experience was the sisterly bonds I made with all thirty-two of my LF fellows. We become so close in a matter of days that it solidified the exact reason I joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. I can truly say that my acceptance into the LF Class of 2015 was divinely orchestrated because nowhere else I would be able to meet such focused, ambitious, caring, supportive and God-fearing young women and be able to call them my sisters. The bond that was created will and cannot ever be broken as we still keep in contact with other and continue to lift, encourage and celebrate all our accomplishments. The final stage of emotion is still ongoing as I will always be appreciative for the lessons learnt, sisters met and opportunities given to me by being a part of the Leadership Fellows Class of 2015. I can say that this experience has caused my flame to burn even brighter to continue to uphold the standards and morals by which my illustrious organization was founded upon 108 years ago.

On the heel of my LFversary this post of for my LF sisters.. who are all little ladies in their own way. Hearts that are loyal and hearts that are true you all will always be have a special space in my heart.


The little lady who is also an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman.

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