Viva Cuba !

September 2, 2015

This year was a very rewarding one when it came to me being a traveling lady. I made three trips within the span of 6 weeks. Each one was amazing and taught me different things that I brought back and applied to my life. This post is for the beloved CUBA!

Cuba was simply an eye opener. I stayed in the Capital; La cuidad de Habana in the district of Vedado. This trip was more or less a graduation trip from my mother and I was able to enjoy it with a few friends of mines; Phylicia Romer, Shaguerra Edgecombe and Phylicia Babb. We left for Cuba on the 9th May and returned on the 16th May.

I can say that Cuba was a total culture shock from the culture to the food and the living conditions. My humble soul was even more humbled after having to downgrade my life for a week.

I took a week of extensive Spanish classes although I was done with my degree just to get a taste of Cuban Spanish opposed to Mexican which I learnt first. I learnt new words native to the country such as 'wawa' (pronounciation) which means autobus in Cuban spanish. The learning envionrment was very welcoming and it was an honor to study in the prestigous Universidad de Habana.

I stayed with a host family whom I adored. My host mother's name was Sandra and she made sure I was more than comfortable during my trip. She provided me with breakfast every morning and made my favorite mango puree juice just for me. UGH IT WAS ALWAYS SO DELCIOUS.

Cuba is such a beautiful country and I tried my hardest to see all that I could in the short time that I was there. I went to different sites such as Las ViƱales & Habana Vieja. The night life was amazing; being able to walk the streets at night and find Cubans singing and dancing the night away.

Being in Cuba I certainly learnt to have a grateful heart for what I have at home in The Bahamas. As simple as knowing where the next meal will come from is a blessing. I would advise anyone who wants a break from their busy life to go to Cuba. You kinda have no other choice but to enjoy yourself becuase oh did I forget to say I had no access to internet?

I intend to go back to Cuba one day and travel to different districts. Hey,I mean why not its only a hour and some away.

To the little ladies: It's a big world out there it would be a shame not to explore it.


A little lady who was changed by Cuba

P.S: Check out some of the pictures from my trip in the slideshow up above!

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