When you decide to take a breath…

September 2, 2015

For the past few months I've been living in a bubble of goals. Trying to gradute with honors, take certification exams and travel all at the same time. Guess what? Ya girl, accomplished it all. So I decided that it's time for me to burst this bubble of mines, ( well not really but make a little hole to make room for someone else).

After being removed for a while I realized that it would take me some time to truly get back into the swing of the dating world and so I decided to prepare myself adequately. Every scholar knows that 'proper preparation prevents poor performance'. Therefore I took on a challenge that was presented to me by Mike Reid in his book 'Dear Woman' ( little ladies please go and get that book! ). I want to share the questions he asked and I urge each and everyone of you to answer these. It doesn't matter if you are in a relationship, dating someone, single or not interested at the moment. The following questions can give you as a woman some insight into what you want in a relationship:

1. What are you ready for?

- The answer to this question relates to what type of interaction are you willing to go after. Do you just want to get to know him? Are you ready to date? Are you ready for a steady relationship? Be honest with yourself in your answer.

2. What can you handle?

-Nobody knows you like YOU! Evaluate what you can deal with and make sure you also know what you CANNOT handle. Suggestion: Make a list for this answer.

3. What is my limit?

- I will always stick with the saying that 'every woman has a breaking point'. But I know that we never want to reach it. So this question can help you to recognize what you will and will not put up with. Give yourself a limit.

I hope after answering these questions you are better in touch with yourself. I know I needed to do this because when I do decide to pop my bubble completely and I no longer can reside in my sudgy kingdom of goals I won't fall without having someone to catch me.


A little lady deciding to take a breath

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