You are what you DO, not what you SAY you’ll do!

October 22, 2015

I declare this post a little lady testimonial.  The reason its a testimonial is because I'm sharing a personal experience that I hope will inspire you all to do something you NEVER thought you would do. During the first two weeks of October, I was apart of a Bahamian Theater production called Shakespeare in Paradise. I recall going to the production while in college and thoroughly enjoying them along with other Bahamian stage plays and theatrical performances. So I decided that after almost eleven years of being in the audience, I wanted to actually be in one. Of course, I doubted myself in the beginning because I have NO formal training and knew nothing about the theater life. But a good friend of mines encouraged me to just go and do it. So I did!
One thing led to the next and I had an audition two weeks  after making up my mind to contact someone. Needless to say, I got a role in the production of Murder & Poetry specifically in the spoken word sector called - Paradise Unmasked. I was given two pieces to  perform

1. Bahamian, Speak by Angelique Nixon

2. Brown Girl in the Ring by Linisa George.

Making a long story short, after months and months of pushing and prodding from my director to make the pieces my my story, it was a success. Everyone who came to see it said they loved it and the show was one that they thoroughly enjoyed. It brought me so much joy while performing for people to recite my lines with me and afterwards calling me the "Brown Girl".

Being apart of the cast of Murder & Poetry, I didn't only achieve a lifetime goal but also gained new friends and family. I also broke out of my shell and grew a deeper rooted love for the arts. Many asked me if I would do it again and my answer was always YES YES YES! But if someone was to ask me what I took away from this experience it would be two things.

  1. I am what I do not what I say I'll do

- So many times we make plans to do things, we write it down, we tell others what we will do and never get it done. Therefore, we really haven't done anything. We are only talking but never putting anything in action. We have to actually do what we say we will do in order to say we've done it. (Duhh! lol) Trust me it feels better to say I've DONE it then to say I will or plan or want to do it.

  1. Don't let fear cripple you

- Fear, in my opinion is the second most powerful feeling besides love and it can cause us to do some crazy things and NOT to do some things as well. Fear is so powerful until sometimes it can cripple us mentally and even physically. But it can also be healthy if you use it as a means to push you. When you overcome fear, I think that in its self is the most freeing experience ever.

I shared my little lady testimonial, not to brag or boast but to share a life-changing experience in hope that it inspires you as a little lady to do something you've ALWAYS wanted to do. As women, we've overcame many obstacles and reached limits beyond our imagination why not continue to do so?

P.S Check out a voice clip of my audition piece and some pictures from my experience below!


A little lady who is what she does not what she say she'll do 🙂

  •     Audition Piece

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